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The DW Consulting Group was formed to bring together creative and out-of-the-box thinkers from a variety of service industries concerned with creating sustainable and memorableexperiences. The founders have chosen the Volkswagen (VW) bus as the image of the company to reflect its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and originality.

The original VW buses and in particular, the Samba, produced in 1959 with its 8 iconic skylight windows designed to provide a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps for its passengers. It is seen as a metaphor for the group’s approach and experience in creating sustainable, memorable and positive experiences in an ever growing services oriented world.


These pioneering and iconic VW buses remain relevant and highly prized in a world of changing values and attitudes. The group strives to maintain essential values and approaches while developing new and innovative approaches.


The colour orange is a reflection of our company values of creativity, exploration, and equilibrium.

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