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For more than 40 years Walter Jamieson has worked to bridge the academic and consultancy worlds through creativity, innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. His activities have been based on a sound set of responsible and sustainable values and principles. His activities include: early work in Canada using tourism and heritage resources as tools for community and economic development, research and consultancy work in China, extensive community-based tourism work in Asia, exploring the power of tourism as a tool for economic and social development, and leadership in creating an innovative service curriculum in Thailand.

Through his interdisciplinary education and experience, he brings creative thinking and practice in a number of areas through an integrated approach to analysis and problem-solving. He has shared this development as a consultant, teacher, trainer, author, facilitator and researcher in more than 20 countries. He has been a member of faculty and management at universities in the United States, Canada, Thailand and Japan. His academic experience has been coupled with a wide range of consultancy projects.

Based on a sound understanding of adult learning and development models he has been involved in a wide range of capacity building exercises in many parts of the world. As a professional planner he sees it as his responsibility to transfer knowledge and create learning and enabling environments that ensure public and private sector stakeholders can achieve their full potential.

He has held a number of executive positions in national and international organizations.


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