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Note: The following selected publications are related to projects where Walter Jamieson was either principal investigator, team leader or major contributor.

Tourism Interpretation

Planning Introduction

Tourism Development

Journal #1 2017


Tourism Development

Journal #2 2017


Promotion of Investment in

Tourism Infrastructure

Myanmar Tourism

Master Plan

Tourism Development

Journal Vol. 14, No. 1 2016

ASEAN Experiential

Marketing Study

ASEAN Tourism Marketing

Strategy 2012 -2015

ASEAN Tourism Strategic

Plan 2011-2015

Briefing Note 2012

CBT Working Paper

Hawaii Workforce

Development Strategy

Interpretative Strategy for

Sukhothai World Heritage

Interpretive Strategy

for Vat Phou

Integrating Tourism into the

Urban Design and

Development Process

A Manual for Interpreting

Community Heritage for Tourism

A Manual for

Composting in Hotels

A Manual for Cleaner

Production for Hotels

Contribution of Tourism

to Poverty Alleviation –

Pro-Poor Tourism and

the Challenge of Measuring Impacts

Planning for Community

Responsible Tourism


Poverty Alleviation

through Sustainable

Tourism Development

WTO Metro Tourism

Tourism Service Plan in

Response to FTA

An Urban Environmental

Tourism Destination

Plan for Phimai

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